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NHLA 2007 Summer Reading Program
  Reading Road Trip U.S.A. 

2007 “Kids, Books & the Arts”

Tricksters, TALL Tales, LEGENDS & Lore

            From Appalachia to the Rockies and from sea to shinning sea, “Tricksters, TALL Tales, Legends & Lore” is a one hour storytelling program celebrating American stories of the land, fossil legend, tall tales and tricksters.  Coyote, Rabbit, Raven, Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill join children aged 5 to 12 in a journey filled with adventure and humor, as we travel across America through story.  Supported by elk skin frame drum, cedar flute, rainstick, Native Tribes of America Map and folksong, post performance handout with suggested reading and post performance activities included.  Extended “make and take” story craft workshop available.


Both East and West coasts, geographical regions, our nation’s old Indian trails
and frontier paths were considered during story pool selection.

“The Talking Stone” - Seneca   ~   “Coyote, Iktome & the Rolling Rock” - Sioux - Blackfoot
“Pushing Up the Sky” - Snohomish   ~   “Keeping Warmth in a Bag” - Slavey    ~   “Mother Sun” - Yuchi
“How Coyote Stole Fire” - Crow, Plains, Montana   ~   “Theft of Light” - Tsimshain, Northwest Coast
“Rabbit and His Big Toe” - Chippewa   ~   “How Cardinal Got His Red Feathers” - Cherokee
“Coyote and the Acorns” - Yorok   ~   “Doing a Trick with Eyeballs” - Cheyenne
“Giant Tortoise”  Algonquin, Gabrielinos   ~   “Origin of the Badlands”  &  “Grizzly Bear’s Lodge” Sioux
“Paul Bunyan & How Babe Plowed the Grand Canyon”   ~   “Pecos Bill & Slue-Foot Sue on the Moon”
Personal Stories include: “A Real Cowboy” & “Grandmother’s Wagon Ride”

  Story Craft Workshops 

Enrich and extend your patron’s summer experience with a
“story craft” session designed to compliment the stories told.

  ~ Click to view Story Crafts ~

Story Stone

Selecting their favorite trickster’s foot print, picture or symbol to color,
 children will make their own “portable petroglyph” story stone,
pasting their work onto a palm sized stone to finish.
STORY NOTE: “The Talking Stone” and “Coyote, Iktome & the Rolling Rock.”

Story Bag

Using pre-sewn, pre-punched gold felt pouches, children will
“lace up” the top of their felt pouch, (shaped like a marble bag,)
and finish with pony beads, a feather and a bell as decoration.

  “Keeping Warmth in a Bag.”

Story Stick

In the storytelling tradition, children will craft a wood “talking stick”
of their own, decorating it with feather, felt strips and pony beads.

Story Eye

Using prepared dowels with the black pupil already wrapped, children
will finish wrapping their eye with colored yarns to make a traditional
“Ojo de Dios.”  
An old folk custom, “Ojo’s” were hung from
cradle boards, over beds and in the home as a blessing of protection.

:  “Doing a Trick with Eyeballs.”


One hour Story Performance rate for public libraries is $150.
With flexible components, sections of Story Performance & Crafting Workshop
may be combined & restructured as either an 1, 1 or 2 hour  presentation.
Combined Program Rates range respectively from $200 to $250 or $300. 
An additional travel fee for communities North of Concord

or West of Nashua is computed at the Federal Rate.

 Program Design & Performance 2006, 2007 ~ Angela Cay Klingler

Custom designed programming is available and with the upcoming release of the fifth film and last Harry Potter book and Shrek 3, be sure to check out my Fairy, Beasts & Lore program too.

Angela C. Klingler, The Storyteller

Updated 4/8/2007