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“I’ve worked with hundreds of artists. It is rare to find someone who is as skilled at her craft and also as professional. I would recommend Angela without reservation.”
Jeannie Connoly, Arts Enrichment Coordinator, Con Val School District, NH

“Angela visited our school during ‘I Love to Read Week’ and her presentation was one of the best we’ve had in a long time. She told folk tales and fairy tales from around the world, and kids from Kindergarten through third grade were enthralled! The stories were funny, exciting, surprising and the children were totally absorbed and attentive for the 45-minute assembly. They talked about it for days afterward, retelling their favorite parts in a special “storyteller” voice! I have already recommended Angela to a friend at another school. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her come again as I know she has a large repertoire of stories and no two shows would be exactly the same.”
Marge Shepardson, Mt. Caesar School, NH

“In alignment with the NH State Frameworks, Angela’s exciting stories sparked the student’s interest . . . many have written and shared stories using her as a model.”
Kristin Ericsson, Parkside Middle School, Manchester, NH

“We have worked with a number of artist-in-residence - Angela is the best of the best! She filled our school with a new sense of adventure and wonder about the world.”
Denise Buckman, Grantham Village School, NH

“Angela’s vivaciousness and enthusiasm always keeps her audience entranced and she has a special talent for matching stories for each audience.”
Marcia Parker, Children’s Librarian, WA

“Extensive understanding of the function of oral language, storytelling and literature in the development of literacy.”
Dr. Joyce Huges, Instructional Specialist NISD, San Antonio, TX

“Very knowledgeable in curriculum, Angela allowed storytelling to become a natural extension to what the teachers were already doing.”
Susan Sponeman, Director, The Teacher’s Center, CA

“Angela was instrumental in developing a series of workshops to show the relevance of storytelling in aiding teachers with curricular areas such as language arts, history, math and science.”
Sharon Nelson, Program Manager, Special Academic Events, Orange County Department of Education, CA

“Enjoyable & entertaining, Angela truly knows the topic of storytelling and how storytelling can be easily incorporated into the classroom curriculum and benefit the reading achievement of all students.” Beth Simpson, Pond & Peak Reading Council, NH
“Most certainly a master of her craft!”
Diane Reynolds, District Reading Coordinator, Salem, NH

“Style and language for each maturity level.”
Martha Clement, Librarian, Gilmanton School, NH

“Angela did such a superb job in choosing her stories, that fifth graders were as intrigued as kindergartners.”
Audry Ogburn, PTA-V.P. Prgrams, TX

“Students were so captivated you could hear a pin drop. Preparing for their own Folktale Festival, Angela incorporated her wisdom about storytelling techniques into her web of storytelling, leaving the students inspired, guided and ready to tell to the fifth graders.”
Kimberly Cashin, Mountain View Middle School, Goffstown, NH

“Angela’s depth of content, organizational skills, selection of stories, materials & awareness of students’ developmental abilities, make her an excellent teacher of storytelling.” S
usan Peterson, Niguel Hills Middle School, CA

“A special treat for even the most skeptical listener, Angela’s vast repertoire of stories offer hope in a world where appropriate role models are not readily available.”
Nancy Mortensen, Middle School Librarian, TX

“Our children spoke for days about your visit . . . you are by far THE most talented storyteller we have ever had.”
Patice Ruff, Educational Coordinator, St. Ann’s Home, MA

“Angela not only helped us explore the polyvalence and power of healthy relationships, but also lifted our spirits and brought some genuine smiles to the faces and hearts of some very wounded children.”
Don D. Arispe MTS-SWA- Social Worker, The Casey Family Program, San Antonio, TX

“Angela listens then weaves her magic. Those whom she touches are embraced in her warmth, traveling to new and unvisited places in the soul, never to return unchanged.”
Anna Willis, M.Ed., Early Childhood Development, NH

“Angela brings the ‘Healing Art of Storytelling’ to life. She has a gift that she shares with others and opens their eyes to the healing opportunities that we each have.”
Dr. Donna Taliaferro, U.T. Health Science Center at San Antonio

“The storytelling was the highlight of the day!! It’s hard to impress 5th graders (they’re so-o-o picky.) You managed to WOW them. I’ve already had three Parents comment about how their child came home raving about you! Well done!”
Phyllis Berrong - 5th grade Teacher, CA

“My class and I certainly enjoyed your visit. They were eager to write you a thank you note. One of my students, was selected to be the butcher - that afternoon he recited the story for us word by word! Thank you for coming.”
Debra White 3rd grade Teacher, CA

“Thank you for telling my class the story “Turtle on a Stick” Now instead of saying “Listen,” I say “Remember the Turtle!”
Bobbie Silth - 2nd grade Teacher, CA

“Thank you for making our Language Arts Day so memorable, wonderful and spectacular! The kids loved your stories. Thanks for sharing your “gifts.”
Carol Garman - 4th grade Teacher

“Thank you for an exciting experience. I was extremely impressed with your presentation. All of the stories kept me on the edge of my seat. My class was very excited when they came back to the room. We discussed each on and what was so special about it.”
Miss James - 3rd grade Teacher, CA

“The minute The Storyteller walked into the seventh grade classroom and began to weave her tale, opinions changed. Even the tough little “gangbangers” were entranced with the power of words. Weeks later students were still mimicking her expressive language in their work and writing comments about her visit in their journals. It seems to me, that what we need to give these children above all else is the knowledge and confidence to use words, not fists. Words are empowering and enduring, storytelling proves it.”
Joyce Barbuto - 7th grade Teacher, CA

The Students Say:

“More exciting than TV!” Harmony - 5th Grade

“Your stories are awesome!” Johnathan - 3rd Grade

“I wish you could come everyday!” Annie - 5th Grade

“Really cool stories!” Michael - 5th Grade

“You must love to read because you tell so many great stories!” Elizabeth - 4th Grade

“I love your stories!” Billy - 2nd Grade

“Two thumbs up!” Brandon - 5th Grade

“She put a lot of expression into it. She was really scary sometimes and really funny other times.” Gavin

“She was the best storyteller we’ve ever had!” Lacey

“I loved her sound effects. She had such an expressive face and made unusual sounds with her voice!” Nancy

“She sounded really great!” Christian

“She made her characters come alive.” Marci

“The Storyteller was cool because she told spectacular stories about tales from different countries.” Amy

Angela C. Klingler, The Storyteller

Updated 2/16/2011