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“Angela was instrumental in developing a series of workshops to show the relevance of storytelling in aiding teachers with curricular areas such as language arts, history, math and science.”
Sharon Nelson, Program Manager, Special Academic Events, Orange County Department of Education, CA

Bridging Time, Culture & Curriculum with Custom Designed Programming Pre-K ~ 8

“The way Angela targeted each grade level’s interests and held their attention with her varied tales was truly amazing and the kids will remember it for the rest of their lives.  The biggest story came when a boy in third grade, who normally doesn’t make connections or retain much detail from day to day, came up and asked if this was the book the ‘The Storyteller’ told them about. You can not imagine my surprise and his smile when I assured him that it was indeed and he checked it out and showed all of his friends. They oohed and aahed and asked if they might have it when was done with it! Just further proof that hearing stories told live is a key component in children’s learning.  We look forward to having Angela back again!”
Heidi Doyle - Librarian, Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School, NH

With wonder and awe, the enchantment of storytelling allows for the application of the creative imagination toward curriculum content.  The oldest of communication and educational tools, the shared story experience offers an excellent opportunity for the creation of community, narrative understanding and meaning.   Widely applicable and accessible to all ages and abilities, oral storytelling is central to the human experience and most importantly - the benefits of storytelling - supported by neural and education research, fosters critical thinking, conflict resolution, character, emotional intelligence and students’ emotional investment in the curriculum content being presented. (See:  Benefits of Storytelling.)  

A mother of three and former trauma center and teaching hospital Operating Room- Registered Nurse, Angela has been telling professionally, working as an education consultant and developing custom designed interdisciplinary and curriculum specific programming since 1989. In addition to personal favorites, she has a story or repertoire of stories for most any theme or curricular area K-8, including self respect, esteem and bullying.

“The minute The Storyteller walked into the seventh grade classroom and began to weave her tale, opinions changed.  Even the tough little “gangbangers” were entranced with the power of words.  Weeks later students were still mimicking her expressive language in their work and writing comments about her visit in their journals.  It seems to me, that what we need to give these children above all else is the knowledge and confidence to use words, not fists.  Words are empowering and enduring, storytelling proves it.”
Joyce Barbuto - 7th grade Teacher, CA

From art and science museums to environmental camps, scouts and arts festivals, to educators’ conferences, schools and libraries in NH, MA, ME, VT, NY, TX and CA ~ with NAPPA award winning retellings and a  repertoire of traditional world folktales, fables, fairytales, myth, legend and geomythology, she bridges time, culture and curriculum with custom designed programming Pre-K - 8.  Combined Storytelling and Storycraft programs and Residencies available.

“A fabulous performance!  All the students has positive reviews & especially enjoyed the enthusiasm & energy Angela brought to the stories.”
Karen Fischer, Hollis Upper Elementary School, NH

Greek & Roman Mythology for Class Field Trip to Fitchburg Art Museum, MA

Continually being researched, developed, expanded and striving to support state Curriculum Framework for the Arts, Language Arts, History, Social Studies and Science - by no means exhaustive - here is a sampling of the varying range of available programming.

Teller's Choice

Drawing on over twenty years of my professional performance experience, “Teller’s Choice” is an eclectic mix of many different types of stories, including selected stories from the following repertoires described - for a program designed to celebrate curriculum -  as well as the joy of learning, the love of reading, childhood and family storytelling  The range of stories in a “Teller’s Choice” program more often than not also allows for the inclusion of drum, cedar flute or rainstick and depending on grade level, a participatory circle story retold with props and puppets - to encourage listeners to make up and tell stories on their own at home.  Bookmarks for suggested reading and encouraging family storytelling included.

“We loved Angela’s wonderful storytelling and the personal and historical details really grounded the folktales in the culture of their time.”
Sue Tussing, Principal - Lyndeborough Central School, NH

Story, Stone, Water, Fire

A multiple component repertoire of Native American and World “Geomythology” folktales, myths and legends with science applications for geology, land forms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, ocean currents, tropical rainforests, climate, astronomy, space weather and environmental studies, including: world cultures and migrations; “place name” stories and legends “of the land;” fossil myth and legends; winter and seasonal stories.

“Geomythology seeks to explain certain specific myths and legends in terms of actual geologic events that may have been witnessed by various groups of people . . . including explanatory myths, those made up to account for various features of man’s environment . . . Geomythology involves geology, history, archeology and folklore - in other words, the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Thus geomythology is undoubtedly the most interdisciplinary geoscience of them all.”
Dorothy Vitaliano, Legends of the Earth

Flint Knapping
Flint Knapping with Dr. Terry at Project Archeology

Project Archaeology Teacher Workshop Completed

White Mountain National Forest Headquarters, April 9, 2010
Stoodley’s Tavern, Strawberry Banke Museum, April 13, 2007
NH Project Archaeology Coordinators - Tanya E. Krajcik & Sheila Charles

 I met “The Storyteller” at a NH Project Archeology Teachers Workshop, which I used as the foundation for my “Dig into Books” summer reading program.  Angela designed a geomythology program for us, traveled all the way to Wilton, Maine and she was wonderful!!!”
Sandy Warren, Children’s Librarian, Wilton, ME

One World ~ Many Stories

From pourquoi stories to tricksters, wonder tales, legend and geomythology,“One World ~ Many Stories” is a “magic carpet ride” around the world! Filled with laughter, wisdom and adventure, this story repertoire features stories from the seven continents and retellings enhanced with African drum and thumb piano, frog rasp, rainstick, Native American cedar flute, string figures and a “magic carpet” backdrop.

The Moon & Stars

“Angela has a rare talent for telling stories which engage the minds and imaginations of all ages. Our exhibits truly come alive.”
Siri Lindholm, Manager of Science Programs, Wittee Museum, San Antonio, TX

Fascinated with constellation stories since my first and only school field trip to Texas Tech University’s Planetarium in the fourth grade, an experience followed by five years of star gazing at summer camp in the mountains of New Mexico, I initially began developing constellation story programs professionally for the Witte Science Museum’s youth “Camp In” programs. Designed to support curriculum from elementary to middle school, this repertoire contains constellation, star, sun and moon stories from around the world, including: Greek Mythology, European Folktales, World Geomythology and Native American Legends.

Solar Event
Courtesy Wikipedia

Attended the 2010 Space Weather Enterprise Forum

Hosted by NASA, NOAA and the Department of Defense
Washington, D.C. - National Press Club, June 8, 2010.
(See: Workshops - Geomythology for Storying a Resilient Society)

The Middle Ages

“Angela brought the Museum’s medieval Great Hall to life.”
Tara Young, Director of Education & Public Programs, Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, MA

A favorite historical focus since childhood, this flexible repertoire of Medieval folktale, fairytale, myth, legend and fable, touches upon troubadours and trade routes, crusade and inquisition, plague and the hunt and may be designed age appropriate for elementary, middle, high school curriculum or Faire Festival audiences. 
Costumed performance available - See listing of Festival Performances

“A Not-So-Distant Mirror: Teaching the Middle Ages in Middle and High School”
Two-day professional development Seminar completed (25 hours).
Keene State College, June 28-29, 2010 - Dr. Meriem Pages, Assistant Professor of English

 ~ Insert - Find and Scan pictures taken from your dad’s visit - Nancy Barton’s burial site and/or Newcastle ~

Colonial America

After eighteen years, the history and beauty of New England’s land and seasons still resonates deeply for this “West Texas girl!”  From hiking with my dogs in “the wild wood,” to restoring our circa 1774 home built by Captain Jeremiah Dow, scouting historical story and geomyth sites to skiing at Gunstock - just so I can look out over Lake Winnipesauke and imagine Passaconaway’s ride or visiting mills and museums, in preparing for each northeastern story I have told, from the Mount Washington Hotel to New England schools and libraries, I learn more fascinating history, detail and story. 

      Continually being researched and expanded, this story repertoire includes Geomythology, land forms and “place name” stories and tales of the White Mountains, Native American, Colonial and American Revolution legends and story - touching upon curricular areas such as: Passaconaway; Chochura; Newcastle; NH Rangers and the French & Indian War; Skulking Battle Tactics; the origin of “Yankee Doodle;” the Association Test and Pledge and Committee of Safety; The Tragic Tale of Nancy Barton and Colonel Whipple, General Whipple, Nathan Hale; Privateers, Pirates and the King’s Broad Arrow.

Fairy, Beasts & Lore

An enchanting repertoire of traditional folktales, fairytales, nursery rhyme, song, myth and legend, designed to reflect themes found in popular children’s literature and film. From Greek and British Mythology to the Brother’s Grimm and Paleo-Indian fossil legends, this popular program is perfect for a Book Fair Week, No TV Week, School, Library, Festival, Camp, Scouting or Family Evenings and encourages reading and imaginative post performance play.

“Extensive understanding of the function of oral language,  storytelling and literature in the development of literacy.”
Dr. Joyce Huges, Instructional Specialist NISD, San Antonio, TX

Tricksters & Traditions ~ Tall Tales, Legends & Lore

From Appalachia to the Rockies and from sea to shinning sea, this story repertoire celebrates the pioneer spirit and western movement with American stories of the land, tall tales & tricksters.  A story journey filled with adventure & humor, listeners travel across America with the likes of Coyote, Rabbit, Raven & Pecos Bill.  Program touches upon cultural heritage, family stories, 1816 New England farmers and the Erie Canal, ranching and the coming of the rail road.  Includes a personal story from my childhood and an experience on my grandparents’ ranch in Texas, the roundup and when I wanted to be a “Real Cowboy.”

Angela on Possum
"Real Cowboy" ~ Angela & Possum at Circle R Ranch
Justin, TX ~ circa 1

Stories Around the Camp Fire

From summer camps and scouting groups to Halloween, NH Audubon,  environmental and educational farms, libraries and private parties,  contact me for a custom designed storytelling program to meet your needs!

 “We have been very fortunate to have Angela perform at three of our Pack 5 Hayride/Bonfire Events.  She always has a captivated audience of both children and adults.  Her storytelling is creative and entertaining.  I highly recommend her for any event that involves children.” 
Evelyn Chessie, Committee Chair, Bedford Pack 5 Cub Scouts

“I would recommend Angela’s storytelling without hesitation for any age audience.  Her performance will exceed expectations and anyone who hears her stories will come away inspired to learn their own families’ stories.” 
Sarah Antel, Education Assistant, Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH

Story & Crafting Sessions

Over the years I have developed many differently “themed” story and craft sessions.  From elementary school world culture day and middle school art and culture appreciation day programs to special after school program events and summer reading programs at public libraries, summer camps, scouting groups, birthday and “holiday” parties.  Contact me about developing a combined story and craft session especially for you!

 “Angela’s performance was marvelous!  A wonderful time and a joy to have, I gave a raving review in the ‘Kids, Books & the Arts’ grant report.”   
Jane Anderson, Chesterfield Library, NH

Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime & Geomythology Stories

From billabongs & boomerangs to kangaroo, kookaburra & koala, this program is a “corroboree” of stories & geomythology stories of the land, celebrating Aboriginal culture, custom & art.  Supported with a canvas “tree bark” backdrop, didgeridoo and clapping sticks. Bookmark with titles for suggested reading included.  Extended “make & take” storycraft - “dot painting” on a pair of wood clapsticks available.

Australian Spiral

Bold Girls, Wise Women

World myths, fairytales and folktales to make you giggle, gasp and laugh out loud!  From hilarious to serious, this repertoire may be adapted for any audience, elementary to adult.  The program may be tied to strong girls, making wise choices, ie., risk taking vs. risky behavior and character building; to a “rite of passage” type program for pre-teen and teens or on up to women’s issues, parenting, health, spirituality and mythology.
(See:  Workshops - The Teller Human - Healing Art of Storytelling)

Storytelling for All Seasons & Occasions

An eclectic mix of traditional folklore, mythology, literature and personal story, from NH’s Corner House Inn and the Mount Washington Hotel to private parties, women’s luncheons and retreats, functions, adult community and audiences of any age, contact “The Storyteller” to discuss your event’s audience and the creation of a custom designed program for your needs.
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Summer Programming

“I would recommend Angela’s storytelling without hesitation for any age audience.  Her performance will exceed expectations and anyone who hears her stories will come away inspired to learn their own families’ stories.”
Sarah Antel, Education Assistant, Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH

From themed summer reading programs for public libraries to summer camps, park and recreation departments, environmental camps and educational farms, contact “The Storyteller” for a custom designed storytelling program to meet your patrons needs!

From folktales, fairytales, legends, star stories and geomyths reflecting themes found in popular children’s literature and films to celebrating the wonders of nature or telling “spooky stories” around a camp fire, with a flexible component structure, Story Performance and Storycaft programs may be combined and restructured as either a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour presentation.  Bookmarks with suggested reading, resources & activities for a fun filled summer included.

Angela’s performance was marvelous!  A wonderful time and a joy to have, I gave a raving review in the ‘Kids, Books & the Arts’ grant report.”
 Jane Anderson, Chesterfield Library, NH

 I met “The Storyteller” at a NH Project Archeology Teachers Workshop, which I used as the foundation for my “Dig into Books” summer reading program.  Angela designed a geomythology program for us, traveled all the way to Wilton, Maine and she was wonderful!!!”
Sandy Warren, Children’s Librarian, Wilton, ME

 The children were enthralled with Angela’s wonderful stories!  The crafts that went with the stories were fun to make and the children were very pleased with their handiwork.  Angela is a gem!”
Adele Boeske - Derry Public Library, NH

Angela C. Klingler, The Storyteller

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