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Workshops are presented in an interactive and participatory style using modeling, demonstration, lecture and text, cooperative and collaborative small group work, exercises and personal coaching. In addition to workshops and in-services for educators, over the years I have presented to medical professionals, law enforcement officers, social workers and students. Each presentation is custom designed.
(See: Selected Performances)

“Angela was instrumental in developing a series of workshops to show the relevance of storytelling in aiding teachers with curricular areas such as language arts, history, math and science.”
Sharon Nelson, Program Manager, Special Academic Events, Orange County Department of Education, CA

The Telling of the Tale ~ The Art of Storytelling

A comprehensive introduction covering resources, research, variant comparison, selection, learning, telling techniques, repertoire development and application in community or curriculum for beginning or intermediate professional storytellers and educators. (See: Selected Performances - Workshops)

Continental Plates

Story, Stone, Water, Fire ~ Geomythology

Introduction to the world “geomythology” stories geologists, paleontologists and anthropologists are increasingly looking toward, to help explain geological record, history and myth. Includes resources, common themes, program development and environmental and curricular applications for history, culture and science. Presentations include the National Storytelling Conference, Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conferences, Massachusetts Title I Conference and the Nature in Legend and Story Educators Conference. (See: Workshop Evaluations)

Geomythology for Storying a Resilient Society

Off line, off grid, no reception? Learn about the expected 2013 Solar Maximum’s impact on society and how world geomyths can help participants prepare their communities for what was described by astrophysicists as a “low-frequency, high impact, global civilization changing event” at the 2010 Space Weather Enterprise Forum hosted by NASA, NOAA and DoD in Washington, D.C. Participants will leave with a base line understanding of space Weather and resourced and able to identify, find and tell age and developmentally appropriate “solar geomyths & pourquoi” stories from around the world - which once government agencies determine and release their recommendations, implement a “public awareness campaign for space weather” and establish the protocol for a “major space weather event exercise” - the stories participants have collected may be used to compliment or in conjunction with schools, libraries, local, state and government agencies - to help prepare their communities and the public at large through the use of storytelling. All levels. Handouts provided. Presentations include the Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conference.

Solar Flare
The sun shows a C3-class solar flare (white area on upper left), a solar tsunami (wave-like structure, upper right) and multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface.  Wikipedia
Earth Magnetic Field
NASA's THEMIS mission has overturned a longstanding belief about the interaction between solar particles and Earth's magnetic field.  NASA

The Teller Human ~ The Healing Art of Storytelling

Exploring storyteller as healer and how storytelling can affect an increased physical and emotional healing response. Resources, psychobiology and emotional intelligence, benefits and applications for community or health care. Presentations include the Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference-MA, the Texas Storytelling Festival, the Texas Storytelling Conferences and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing, the International Association for Human Caring Conference and the US Army Nurse Educators Conference at Fort Sam Houston.

“Our children spoke for days about your visit . . . you are by far THE most talented storyteller we have ever had.”
Patice Ruff, Educational Coordinator, St. Ann’s Home, MA

Angela not only helped us explore the polyvalence and power of healthy relationships, but also lifted our spirits and brought some genuine smiles to the faces and hearts of some very wounded children.”
Don D. Arispe MTS-SWA- Social Worker, The Casey Family Program, San Antonio, TX

“Angela listens then weaves her magic. Those whom she touches are embraced in her warmth, traveling to new and unvisited places in the soul, never to return unchanged.”
Anna Willis, M.Ed., Early Childhood Development, NH

“Angela brings the ‘Healing Art of Storytelling’ to life. She has a gift that she shares with others and opens their eyes to the healing opportunities that we each have.”
Dr. Donna Taliaferro, U.T. Health Science Center at San Antonio

Woman at the Crossroads ~ Women’s Studies

Exploring the feminine “anima” or the divine feminine as reflected in world myths, fairytales and folktales through time, resources, research, recognizing themes and repertoire development addressed, applicable and adaptable for children teens and women. Presentations include Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church retreats and New England Conference. (See Bold Girls, Wise Women)

Workshop Evaluations 

Storytelling ~ The Passport to Learning

31st Annual Massachusetts Title I Conference ~ May 9, 2007 - Hyannis, Massachusetts

~ An amazingly wonderful storyteller! ~ Excellent! ~ A wonderful workshop.

~ Awesome Angela! Great information, very useful and application. Fun as well.

~ Excellent - I will use the myth and fairy tales to honor my multicultural students! I love it! I am an English teacher - Thank you.

~ I will definitely consider using certain strategies presented in my daily instruction. I look forward to integrating storytelling into math after further exploration. Resources very useful!

~ Excellent. Very dynamic presenter who was able to show as well as tell us about the value and techniques of story in the classroom.

~ I had attended a prior workshop by Angela and she has added a whole new dimension.

~ Lots of fun and informative too! ~ It was very informative and fun! Thank you.

Story, Stone, Water, Fire

30th Annual Massachusetts Title I Conference ~ May 10, 2006 ~ Hyannis, Massachusetts

~ Very interesting, speaker held my attention throughout the workshop!

~ Wonderful, captivating and inspirational. Thank You!

~ Great! So Enthusiastic. ~ Fun and timely. ~ Awesome! ~ Wow!

~ This presenter was extremely well prepared.

~ Excellent! I got many ideas from it. Thanks for being so organized and through. (Administrator)

~ Dynamic, interesting, motivational speaker! Thank you - This presenter was wonderful! (Administrator)

~ Perfect ~ Excellent + ~ Great information! ~ Very passionate and animated.

~ Very enjoyable. Presenter obviously LOVES what she does!
~ Very engaging presentation! History behind stories you told was very interesting!

~ Very motivating, I want to go back to my class and try storytelling!

~ I loved the entire presentation and the idea of geomythology. I’ve never heard of it, but it is something I will bring to my setting. (Reading Specialist)

~ Angela has inspired me to reread my Native American myth and legend books and to reconnect with stories. Her great storytelling techniques, her enthusiasm and her knowledge of her material is inspirational. Great workshop! Lots of fun and informative.

Continental Plates

Story, Stone, Water, Fire

  Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conference ~ April 1, 2006 ~ Nashua, New Hampshire

~ Good information ~ Resources ~ Working with the stories ~ Exploration of new paradigms

~ Connecting myth and geology ~ Use of stories to demonstrate earth events

~ Presenter enthusiasm ~ New look at a topic that is developing ~ Good ideas

~ Very well prepared ~ I like that you told the process of developing it.

~ Research and creating connections between science, storytelling-respect for earth

~ Wonderful presenter ~ Lots of information, visuals; good use of stories

~ Thorough research WOW! ~ Terribly exciting ~ Marvelous story presenter.

~ Great energy & a large view of what happens on earth brought to life

~ It opened my eyes to a new way of seeing myths; I never knew about geomythology.

~ Angela’s energy and commitment (passion) to this topic. Nice handouts too. Great stories

~ I started thinking in terms that were new ~ The origination of mythology as geological narrative

~ EVERYTHING ~ Angela has a great knack making a complicated subject fun and interesting; great storytelling & amazing knowledge.

Storytelling ~ The Golden Key

27th Annual Massachusetts Title I Conference ~ May 7, 2003 - Hyannis, MA

~ One of the best I’ve heard! Great bibliography, absolutely met my needs

~ Engaging storyteller. Great resources given!

~ She has a gift! ~ Entertaining! ~ Super! ~ Refreshing! ~ Very enjoyable!

~ Awesome! I really enjoyed it! ~ Kept my attention the whole time!

~ Wonderful and thought provoking. ~ Very high energy. Excellent presentation.

~ Thanks! I would like to add stories to my repertoire.

~ Highly entertaining, made her point, handouts helpful.

~ Good resource and book lists to use when we go back to school.

~ Interesting ideas on how to incorporate storytelling in curriculum.

~ Very entertaining and thought provoking. You’ve motivated me to give storytelling a try!

~ Angela was wonderful. I would have loved to hear her for the entire time!

~ Her stories were wonderful segues to information about storytelling

~ Tell it again! You’ve given me the incentive to learn a few stories. I’m going to try it!

~ Easily kept us tuned in. She did a wonderful job of integrating stories into the presentation. The diversity of the stories she chose was great-culture and the diversity of age. I will use this even with my own children.

~ Very interesting, energetic presentation. Her storytelling alone was enough - it was mesmerizing. Nice to know that storytelling fosters critical thinking. Enjoyed the workshop very much.

~ She came with excellent sources and valuable references for future storytelling. Impact from storytelling for Title I could be quite effective for student’s interests in not-so-interesting topics.

~ Angela did a wonderful job of letting you know the importance of storytelling to reach out to many children. She was excellent!”

~ Angela is very dynamic and reminded us of the power to teach storytelling. She needs nothing but her skill and warmth to be effective.

Angela C. Klingler, The Storyteller

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